Literary Works of Elizabeth Madox Roberts


1915 In the Great Steep's Garden
Privately published
Early poetry depicting the wildflowers of Colorado.
Photography by Kenneth Hartley
1922 Under the Tree
Viking Press
Fifty-nine poems which constitute a complete and beautifully realized child's eye world of a family and a small Kentucky farm town of a century ago.  As a poetic realization of the author's childhood of Springfield, KY, it is a classic of children's literature.
Illustrations by F.D. Bedford
1926 The Time of Man
Viking Press
The story of one exceptional woman--Ellen Chesser--and the epic drama of all men's struggle to live and love honorably, yet with passion.
1927 My Heart and My Flesh
Viking Press
The overwhelming novel of a girl driven by the brutalities of passion and life.  A young girl, Theodosia, is driven to the far edges of madness by the blows of fate and the wayward passions of others.
1928 Jingling in the Wind
Viking Press
A glowing romance of love and joy in the wide open hill country.  The story of an unforgettable hero, Jeremy, and Tulip, the girl who captures his heart.
1930 The Great Meadow
Viking Press
The sweeping romantic saga of young lovers on the Kentucky trai in a richly woven tapestry of Colonial America.  A stunning and lyrical contrast between genteel, pre-Revolutionary Virginia and the wild, terrifying landscape beyond the Cumberland Mountains.  Young Berk Jarvis and his new bride, Diony Hall, bid farewelll to the peaceful Virginia countryside on their way to a new life in the harsh wilderness of Kentucky.
1930 Under the Tree (Revised Edition)
1931 A Buried Treasure
The Literary Guild
A novel filled with simple beauty and unexpected love.  Andy Blair lived in the Kentucky hills, absorbed in the family struggle of wresting a living from the soil.  Then one day he discovered a pot of gold--a literal buried treasure--and believed he was rich beyond his dreams.  But was he?  This is the story of what happened next--of footsteps in the dark, whispered secrets, sudden and surprising marriage, of how in a few days the lives of several people changed.
1932 The Haunted Mirror
Viking Press
A volume of seven short stories.
1935 He Sent Forth a Raven
Viking Press
The powerful novel of a man's obsession and the women he enslaved.  When the woman he loved died, Stoner Drake's magnificent world shattered.  That was when he made his strange vow.  This is the story of Stoner Drake's haunting obsession, of his hold over Martha's will, and of Jocelle's fight for freedom from those whose love threatened to smother her.
1938 Black is My Truelove's Hair
The story of an innocent girl's impassioned love affair.  Dena Janes, a pretty girl from a small Kentucky village, had never known adult passion until she met Langtry--darkly handsome, brutally masculine, and persuasive.  In Langtry's arms, Dena became a woman, but this did not prepare her for what was to follow.
1940 Song in the Meadow
Viking Press
Fifty-six mature, deep-flowing, and marvelously lyrical poems.  The first group includes poems of childhood in the vein of her first work.  The lyrics of the second group concern themselves with the world today, and embrace an astonishing variety of moods and scenes.  The final section contains Kentucky legends in verse.
1941 Not By Strange Gods
Viking Press
A volume of six short stories.